At YOUR 3D GLASSES (UK), we've been specialising in designing and manufacturing of European quality cardboard and paper 3D products for advertising and creative campaigns. We've managed to combine our vast experience in design and digital/litho print with the passion for creating new unique products and develop trend for using 3D and Virtual Reality in promotional industry.
We work closely with our clients to develop creative paper and cardboard products that make your brand stand out by stimulating user's sense of sight using anaglyph, polarized, diffraction 3D, lenticular or Virtual Reality experience.
We have a philosophy of investing in modern print and finishing equipment to ensure we're in the best position to meet your requirements by delivering high-quality ‘optical' marketing products within your budget.
Due to the fact that we produce in Europe, we're able to control the quality of our products and to deliver them fast to clients in all countries.
Also, if you’re looking for a great product to enhance your branding, check a range our our custom epoxy domed stickers

About us
Bring passion

In our work we've managed to combine our experience in print with passion for innovative 3D products. And we share this passion with you.

Talk straight

No hidden setup or origination cost, no daydreaming about deadlines impossible to achieve just to get the order. We believe that honesty (in business) is best policy.

Create innovation

What will be the next creative advertising 3D product that will boost your or client's sales? What's future direction for VR marketing? These are questions that we're trying to answer to keep us on track…

Give support

Professional advice on products, design templates and guidelines, free product visuals, free samples…That's what you can expect from us.

Truly listen

Our clients' creative ideas are often a stimulus for developing new products. We believe it's important to share experience to be in the lead…

Keep promises

Being able to meet deadlines and keep to agreed arrangements is probably one of the most important things in fast-paced creative and promotional industry.

Actively cooperate

We help you to choose the right products to make your 3D or VR promotion effective and

Work globally

We manufacture and deliver a full range of our products to clients from all countries, from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

Your 3D Glasses – How can our Customised Virtual Reality Headsets inject excitement into your marketing?

Marketing today is a competitive game. The key to succeeding is standing out, but how can you stand out as a business when all the businesses around you are also creating innovative marketing? Whether they’re using technology or witty lines, we can guarantee that with our branded cardboard viewers (inspired by Google Cardboard), you and your business can attract clients with fun and innovative technology.

Although we specialise in the design and construction of your very own tailored cardboard VR viewer, we are also committed to providing quality marketing ideas with the use of virtual reality. You have a great amount of freedom with VR viewers, simply because you can implement your own design onto a viewer and ensure your audiences remember you and their virtual reality experience with your viewer.

We’ve found that our headsets are so effective because firstly, they’re new, anything which is new is always a big hit; especially when it’s something unique like our VR viewers. Not only that, VR marketing is immersive, allowing users to be immersed into a different sphere of viewing experience and entertainment. We've found that any message displayed within the viewer is appreciated more, simply because VR is much more memorable. The reason being that our brains are manipulated to experience something which seems so real – placing you (realistically) in a different location.

Thinking outside the box is important when it comes down to effective virtual reality marketing. Embrace your industry, think about your company’s image, and create an immersive experience like no other. Whether you wish to create a virtual reality experience in touring your office, or you wish to create something that is extremely interactive like a game, then you can rely on our expert services.

Many big organisations are using our custom printed VR viewers for their marketing campaigns, so don’t let yourself fall behind in the marketing game.

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We're absolutely commited to promoting Virtual Reality for everyone. If you feel you can give us a hand and present Panoramix VR viewers to your clients giving them a new outstanding marketing tool, then we've got something that'll help you.

Our Distributor Package includes:

Design & samples
  • FREE 3D CAD pre-production visuals with your clients' branding
  • FREE product samples delivered free of charge to EU countries and US-based clients
  • 45% discount for sample pack of 100 pcs CMYK-printed VR viewers with your logo
Production & delivery
  • Trade discount for regular clients from second order
  • Express production time - 10 working days including delivery for orders < 1000 pcs
  • FREE delivery to EU countries

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